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We have a great responsibility towards our kids . We need to bring a proper balance between  traditions , culture and modernization .

We,as parents,  have become more and more protective towards  our kids .

We are making them more delicate in the name of care and affection .

Our parents were also caring but they believed that  kids should learn the hard way .

We as the new generation , have more responsibility but   we are stuck in terms like  quality  time , extra care , wholesome meal , etc .

We  are teaching our kids from day one  the meaning of compitition  in games , studies , dresses ,  extra –curicullar activities  , etc .

We want our child to be the best ,Sadly, in this race,  our child is losing his childhood .

He is losing his innocenceand  he is losing his  very existence as a child .

We are the culprit s.

We  want our kids to do what we have done in our childhood like playing games , playing  musical instruments ,reading  etc , but we forget  that no one can be like you and that every person is different .

Any thing that is forced on kids has an adverse impact on theirminds .

However,  we tend not to care for our children as much as we care for our ego .

We are always on the lookout for what the neighbor’s  kids is doing, what classes he is taking and in this mad race and competitive world and the fear that our child will be left behind, we try and get our kids to do similar classes.

We keep on hammering our kids delicate mind that the only way to survivethecompetition is to stay on top and be ahead in the race. We forget that life is not ust about running the race, it is about living in the present moment .

We compare our kids with the other kids in academics or sports and force our kids to  be like them . we forget  that no two kids are same, not even brothers .

We   suppress    their  likes  and dislikes and try to impose our  likes and dislikes .

In this process our kids are losingthere identity and losing thereinnocence.

We have become so materialistic  that we think that by giving our kids the latest gadgets, gaming devices, smart phones, branded clothes , taking them to malls and fulfilling their desires,  we are  loving them more .

But the truth is that what the kids really require  isthe time and unconditional love from their mother and father .

They  want their parents to play with them and spend time with them .

The result is that our kids get addicted to computers, games  and then we complain that  they don’t want to spend time with us .

We  gave them these gizmos when they actually required time from us .

They actually  wanted their parents to spend time with them and listen to them  and play with them but we thought that  giving these gizmos ends our responsibilities in terms of spending time with the kids. When they wanted our time and we were busy, we resorted to these gadgets. Now these very gadgets keep the kids busy and not interested in spending time with parents. Such is the vicious cycle.


There is a saying from the Bible that ” we  reap what we sow “.

We have given a lot of importance to material stuff in our children’s life that we have neglected imparting family values and our culture to them.

Our kids are well exposed   to gizmos , slangs , net terms  , parties , mobiles etc but they have been less exposed to relations and values.

I say this because the main illness of our generation and more so with our next generation, will be loneliness . We ourselves are making our kids aloof from relations , values , culture and providing them all materialistic pleasures .
As a result,  they are growing up thinking that material stuff gives pleasure, not relations .
When we grow old, our children will provide all the material stuff that can give us comfort but they will not be able to provide what we actually need. When we need their care and love, they too will shirk their duties and replace that with material compensations.
We  ourselves, will be responsible for all this as we brainwashed our kids and hence  we have to face the music.


We think that by enrolling our kids in the best of schools, we are educating them; by giving them the best ofbooks , CDs, literary material, we are educating them . We forget that kids learn best at home ! From their mother and father . What they require is time from their parents . They require that their parents spend some time with them , play with them , listen to them.

Kids have a very sharp IQ and they observe well . What we do at home, how we react to any situation , how we speak to people , how we treat people ,  how we treat each other as husband and wife , how we respect people , how we talk about our neighbors and relatives.  They observe us and follow suit.Since home is the main learning grounds for our kids, we need to ensure that we give them the right learning platform as the behavior they observe from us is the behavious they will be reproducing and emulating in the outside world.

What they learn at home stays with them and it helps them to shape their personality,whether good or bad .
We need to identify our kid’s strengths and weaknesses and help them to overcome those weaknesses.
We have to identify their areas of interest so that we can mould their paths sothat  they achieve what they want in life.
We need to b a friend , a guide , a mentor  and a ready and willing listener to our kids.